Chef And Doctor

Our Story

The Chef

Nick DiGiovanni

Co-Founder & CEO

Nick DiGiovanni is a recent Harvard graduate who created his own major in Food and Climate Science. He is also the youngest-ever finalist on Gordon Ramsay's TV Series, MasterChef. To Nick, Voodles represents a cross between his signature dish—handmade pasta—with his love for veggies. He is the oldest of four boys.

The Doctor

Dr. Daniel Guss

Co-Founder & President

Daniel is a surgeon who, when not caring for patients, tries to keep up with his family of three energetic boys trailed by the youngest - a fiercely independent girl. He and his wife experience firsthand the daily challenge of feeding healthy meals to their family. His favorite foods have always included healthy vegetables, and it took Voodles to get his kids to agree.

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