Frequently Asked Questions

What is Voodles?

Voodles is reinventing how kids eat their veggies. We take organic vegetables and transform them into something kids love – pasta. With a whole serving of organic vegetables in each 2oz portion, eating your veggies has never been so easy.

How do you make Voodles?

We make Voodles with natural, healthy, organic ingredients, using the same age-old techniques perfected in Italian kitchens for centuries. The hard part was trying to do this with organic veggies as the main ingredient – convincing an organic vegetable to transform into a delicious pasta is hard! Our healthy organic veggies are dried, mixed with organic vegetable purees, kneaded with healthy binding ingredients and molded to form the shape of traditional pasta.

Why do we make Voodles?

9 out 10 kids*** don’t eat enough veggies. We didn’t think that parents should struggle alone to find a solution. We believe that a healthy life starts with what we put in our bodies, and wanted to bring healthy organic veggies – that kids will eat – to children everywhere.

Is Voodles better for the environment?

A primary priority of ours is to remain committed to the environment in our path as we move forward. We produce in an extremely environmentally-conscious facility in Vermont using only organic ingredients so that we don’t leave behind a trail of pesticides and artificial ingredients. Also, our packaging is made of recyclable materials, so please don’t throw it out unless it’s into a blue (or green) recycling bin!

How does cooking Voodles differ from cooking wheat pasta?

Cooking time is shorter for Voodles, and you don’t need to stir. We also recommend that you rinse Voodles after draining the water to stop the cooking process. Voodles is made primarily of organic vegetables, so you can overcook it just like you can overcook any veggie. We’re proud of that!

Voodles broke apart when I cooked it!

That’s ok, and totally normal! This is, after all, a veggie above all else. We cannot force it to be anything else. But, we have a few tips to help. Follow cooking instructions for best results, and just be gentle.

What does allergen-free mean?

Voodles is free from the Top 8 allergens. This includes peanuts, tree nuts, wheat, soy, shellfish, fish, eggs, and milk. We are also free of sulfites and artificial colors or flavors.